Present: Paul Ellerkamp, Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, Dale Sattler, Jeremy Jahner and Jon Stika.

Ryan brought a Miabock that he brewed last winter.  It was slightly sweet and a little hazy, but very good for the style.  Beer of the month this month is Summit Red Ale.  This red ale is not like a typical Irish red ale in that it is much hoppier; similar to an IPA than an Irish Red.  The Summit Red Ale had a deep copper color and crisp malt flavor with assertive hop bitterness and hop finish.  Dale brought some of his very good dandelion wine.   Ryan brought some of his Cabernet Savignon with prominent oakiness.  Rocky mentioned that he is growing Centennial hops.  Rocky also mentioned that he knows the location of some wild hops growing by the Pheasant Country golf course.

Jon Stika


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