Collective Library of the Heart River Home Brewers

Titles in Jon Stika’s Library:

The Complete Handbook of Home Brewing. Miller, Dave.
Vermont: Storey Communications Inc., 1991.  A very easy to read and reference comprehensive book on home brewing beer.One of my personal favorites.

Designing Great Beers. Daniels, Ray.
Boulder, Colorado: Brewers Publications, 1996.  The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles.

Homegrown Hops. Beach, David. 
Oregon, David R. Beach, 1988.  How to grow, harvest and store hops.

Using Your Cornelius Keg Draft System. Anderson, Pat.
Washington, Pat Anderson, 1994.  How to set up and use a Cornelius keg draft system.

German Wheat Beer. Warner, Eric.
Boulder, Colorado: Brewers Publications, 1992.  How to brew German wheat beer.

Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers. Buhner, Stephen Harrod.
Boulder, Colorado: Siris Books, Brewers Publications, 1998.  A very comprehensive book on ethnic sacred and herbal healing beers including recipes and history.

The American Homebrewers Association’s Winners Circle 10 Years of Award-Winning Homebrew Recipes. Loysen, Tracy, Papazian, and Raizman, ed.
Boulder, Colorado: Brewers Publications, 1989.  A collection of home brewing beer recipes.

Victory Beer Recipes. Spence, James.
Boulder, Colorado: Brewers Publications, 1994.  A collection of home brewing beer recipes.

The Association of Brewers’ Dictionary of Beer and Brewing. Forget, Carl ed.
Boulder, Colorado: Brewers Publications, 1988.  The most complete collection of brewing terms written in English.

Brewing. Lewis, Michael and Tom Young.
Norwich Norfolk U.K.1995.  A very technical and comprehensive book on brewing beer.

Homebrew Favorites. Lutzen, Karl and Mark Stevens. 
Vermont: Storey Communications Inc., 1994.  A collection of home brewing beer recipes.

Beer Companion. Jackson, Michael.
Philadelphia: Running Press, 1993.  America’s microbreweries and classic beers fromEurope.

The Beer Bible. Alworth, Jeff.
New York: Workman Publishing, 2015.  The essential beer lover’s guide, including more than 100 types to know, arranged style by style.

Titles in Ryan Jilek’s Library:

Brewing Up A Business – Adventures in Entrepreneurship. Sam Calagione.

He said Beer, She said Wine. Sam Calagione & Marnie Old.

The Fungus Among Us – Yeast Culturing Instructions.second edition. Yuseff Cherney & Chris White, Ph. D.

Yeast Culturing for the Homebrewer. Rog Leistad.

Great Beer Guide – 500 Classic Brews. Michael Jackson.

Wine Bible. Karen MacNeil.

The Home Brewer’s Companion – The Essential Handbook. Charlie Papazian.

The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing – 2nd edition. Charlie Papazian.

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing – 3rd edition. Charlie Papazian. 

First Steps in Winemaking. C.J.J. Berry.

Progressive Winemaking. Peter Duncan & Bryan Acton. 

First Steps in Yeast Culture – Part One. Pierre Rajotte. 

Clone Brews. Tess & Mark Szamatulski.

North American Clone Brews. Scott R. Russell.

Designing Great Beers – The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles. Ray Daniels.


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