September 2022 Minutes of the Heart River Homebrewers

Present: Jerry Ford, Greg Walter, Joel Emter, Jeremy Jahraus, John Shumaker, Wendy Wilson, Patrick Ahmann, Doc Ford(Guest). Meeting held at DePorres House of Barbering and Lounge.  They have Jeremy‘s American IPA on tap. Greg reported that the DSU Foundation is again happy to extend the invitation for us to serve homebrew at Yuletyme, which will be Sat, Dec 10, @ 5pm.  They are expecting 200-250 guests. We discussed how many kegs to take, and what Read more…

April Minutes of the Heart River Homebrewers

Present: Jeremy Jahraus, Joel Emter, Katsu Ogawa, John Shumaker, Greg Walter, Craig Whippo, Lydia DeJesus (guest), Yuuka Taniguchi (guest), Aiko Hatano (guest). Two Track Malting Company gave a free 50lb-bag of Bakken. Members can buy it for $1/lb. In the future, the club will buy kits and/or grains in order to get discounts. Ryan and Greg should be in charge of writing an article for Heart River Voice.

March Minutes of the Heart River Homebrewers

Present: Jerry Ford, Jeremy Jahraus, Katsu Ogawa, Greg Walter, Craig Whippo, Steven Doherty (guest), John Shumaker (guest). We have about $1400 in the club account. Yuletyme reimbursement will be deposited by the next check period. Club sponsored events have been tabled and will be discussed in the future meetings. A group order will be placed for malts from Two Track. Katsu will consolidate the order and pick up at the Belfield location.

February Minutes of the Heart River Homebrewers

Present: Joel Emter, Jerry Ford, Jeremy Jahraus, Ryan Jilek, Katsu Ogawa, Greg Walter, Jacob Walter (guest). Annual renewal of organization registration with state has been taken care of, however, paperwork for changing the registered treasurer from Rocky Stoltz to Craig Whippo is still in process. The invoices for Yuletyme 2019 and 2020 have been processed. Request for 2021 is to be submitted. Hosting/co-hosting an event has been discussed. Possible cosponsors/venues would be Phat Fish, Fluffy Read more…