February Minutes of the Heart River Homebrewers

Present: Jerry Ford, Katsu Ogawa, Jon Stika, Rocky Stoltz, Greg Walter Club member dues were collected for those who were present. The remaining members need to send a check ($25) to Treasurer Stoltz via mail or make arrangements with him. BYO subscription renewal will done individually via online. https://byo.com/product-category/subscription-membership/

January Minutes of the Heart River Homebrewers

Present: Katsu Ogawa, Craig Whippo, Greg Walter, Jerry Ford and Jon Stika. Club elections were held for the positions of President and Secretary. Jon nominated Jerry Ford for president, seconded by Craig, all approved. Jon nominated Katsu Ogawa for secretary, seconded by Jerry, all approved. Treasurer Stoltz was not present, so the collection of dues for 2020 will occur upon his return. Discussed ingredients used in the home brews that were shared with the group. Read more…

November Minutes of the Heart River Homebrewers

Present: Jerry Ford, Rocky Stoltz, Greg Walter, Craig Whippo, Katsu Ogawa and Jon Stika. Discussed upcoming YuleTyme event for DSU Heritage Foundation on December 14, 2019 at the Biesiot Activities Center. All three beers have been brewed by Greg, Rocky, and Jon. Jerry, Rocky, and Greg will serve the beers at the event. Jon Stika Secretary