Present: Jerry Ford, Greg Walter, Joel Emter, Jeremy Jahraus, John Shumaker, Wendy Wilson, Patrick Ahmann, Doc Ford(Guest).

Meeting held at DePorres House of Barbering and Lounge.  They have Jeremy‘s American IPA on tap.

Greg reported that the DSU Foundation is again happy to extend the invitation for us to serve homebrew at Yuletyme, which will be Sat, Dec 10, @ 5pm.  They are expecting 200-250 guests. We discussed how many kegs to take, and what styles.  The club has a Fresh Squished kit available.  Greg will brew a Spruce Ale.  Wendy said she would like to attend, but will have to confirm.  Jeremy is also interested in attending.  Maybe we’ll have to get Craig’s butterscotch bomb recipe, it was the biggest hit last year.

Jeremy will be visiting the credit union to officially become treasurer.  He has also recently exchanged the CO2 tank, which was empty.  The charge was $35.93.  We should check to see if the $2 per pound charge for members is still reasonable and covers our costs.

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