A nearly opaque british stout with a slightly sweet finish and smooth roastiness.

Brewer: Jon Stika
Type: All Grain
Style: Stout
OG: 1.053
FG: 1.015

8.5 pounds pale malt
8 ounces roasted barley
8 ounces chocolate malt
6 ounces flaked barley
6 ounces flaked oat
8 ounces 10L crystal malt
8 ounces wheat malt

1.5 ounces Northdown pelleted hops 7.6%AA. Mash at 156F and sparge with 3.6 gallons 168F water.  Top up to 6.5 gallons for one hour boil. Add hops for last 35 minutes of boil.  Cool, transfer to primary fermenter and pitch with Wyeast 1968 London Ale yeast and ferment at 68F.

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