Present at the April 24, 2008 meeting were; Ryan Jilek, Todd Solem, Rocky Stoltz, Dale Sattler*, Dennis Froemke and Jon Stika. In the absence of President Ellerkamp, Vice President Jilek called the meeting to order at 7:30PM. *Dale Sattler is a new member recruited by Paul Ellerkamp.

Ryan informed the group that he had made an arrangement with Town & Country Liquors of Dickinson that T&CL would provide the club with a different beer for evaluation each month, and that the club would agree to post the evaluation on the club website. The beer provided by Town & Country Liquors for this meeting was McEwan’s Scotch Ale brewed by Scottish Courage Ltd. of Edinburgh, Scotland. Evaluation of the beer found it to be sweet with a very strong malt aroma described as “a baked biscuit covered in malt syrup”. The flavor was described as “drinking chocolate cake” with a distinct alcohol flavor in the profile. The beer had excellent head retention, Brussels lace on the side of the glass and was a deep brown in color.

Rocky brought some of his Coffee Stout which had a very good coffee aroma and flavor with a slightly dry finish…overall a nice example for the style. Jon brought Boulevard Pale Ale, Stone Mill Pale Ale and some of his own Pale Ale. The Stone Mill Pale Ale was judged better by virtue of maltiness and smoothness than the Boulevard Pale Ale. Jon’s Pale Ale was judged to be smooth with a citrusy hop aroma and a medium malt finish. Todd brought a wine he made from locally grown Concord grapes. The wine was light in color with a slight astringency and some acetic acid detected by Dale. Dale brought some Dandelion wine that included some lemon. The wine was very light in color with an excellent flavor and balance.

Dale mentioned that Dave Walter was interested in becoming a member of the club. Dave formerly operated a homebrew supply business in Dickinson.

Ryan mentioned that he had a plastic conical vessel of approximately 16 gallon capacity and a small refrigerator that he would be willing to sell. Ryan said the refrigerator would hold 3 or possibly 4 Cornelius kegs.

Motion made by Froemke, seconded by Stoltz that the club consider starting the monthly meetings at 6:30PM rather than 7:30PM. Solem asked that the motion be tabled until the next meeting at which the President was present before the motion would be voted upon.

Discussion took place regarding a deadline for Froemke to brew his first batch of beer. Though no motion was made on the subject it was generally agreed that he should have his first batch of beer brewed before November 2008.

Discussion also took place regarding the club developing a bank of brewing yeast. Ryan mentioned that he had experience preparing slants for the purpose of preserving yeast.Ryan moved to adjourn, seconded by Solem. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully,Jon Stika


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