December 2004

A slightly sweet sparkling traditional mead.

Brewer: Jon Stika
Type: Wild Fruit/Other
Style: Traditional Mead
OG: 1.083
FG: 1.008

9.5 pounds raw honey
5 teaspoons acid blend
3 Tablespoons yeast nutrient
Wyeast 3184 Sweet Mead yeast

Boil 5 gallons of water for 10 minutes then allow to cool to 180F.  Dissolve acid blend and yeast nutrient in water then stir in honey until completely dissolved.  Cool to 80F and pitch yeast.  Ferment at 70F-80F until fermentation is complete (usually months).  Keg and force carbonate and add more honey if desired to sweeten to taste.

Water Filters Effect on Brewing Water (by Jon Stika)

Activated charcoal (carbon) should reduce Cl significantly and may affect SO4 (as it also has a negative charge and high molecular weight) but I don’t believe it will affect Ca, Mg, Na, and HCO3 significantly even though HCO3 does carry a negative charge. HCO3 and Ca typically will buffer each other, so if a little HCO3 is removed by the activated carbon filter, it will “bounce back” after the filter if the water is the same pH.

The positively charged Ca, Mg, and Na ions should go right through the filter and activated carbon. Ca is a good thing for brewing (yeast nutrition), Mg really doesn’t make much difference unless it’s really high and then will have a laxative effect (oh no), Na isn’t a hugh issue unless it is high and in combination with a high SO4 concentration then it will make give beer a nasty harshness (this is the problem I had with Patterson Lake water and to a lesser degree with SW pipeline water). Cl as an ion lends some sweetness to beer, but as a gas (Cl2) or trihalomethane gives a “cholrinated swimming pool” taste.

So I believe your filter will knock down the Cl taste if it has activated carbon, may reduce SO4 some, but will have little effect on the rest of the major ions.

This ale should share some characteristics of an american and english pale ale. Mainly in the fact that I utilized british malts and mostly american hops.

Brewer: Ryan Jilek
Type: All Grain
Style: American Ale
OG: 1.055
FG: 1.012

8.33 lbs. Crisp Maris Otter (2-row)    
0.63 lbs. Crystal 20L                 
0.42 lbs. Torrified Wheat Malt           


  0.80 oz.    Perle      60 min. 
  0.50 oz.    Cascade    15 min. 
  0.50 oz.    Cascade    1 min. 
  0.50 oz.    Cascade    Dry Hop  


  0.08 Oz     Irish Moss   15 Min.(boil)  


WYeast 1056 Amercan Ale/Chico

Mash Schedule  
          Step Rest Start Stop Heat  Infuse Infuse 
Step Name Time Time Temp  Temp Type  Temp   Amount 
Rest       5    90  154   154 Infuse 167    16.00 
Mash Out   5    30  168   168 Direct ---  -------