Present: Ryan Jilek, Dennis Froemke, Jon Stika

The Beer of the Month from Town & Country Liquors was Murphy’s Red.  Murphy’s Red had a light copper color with a smooth malt aroma and flavor from start to finish.  It also had a subtle sweetness, fruitiness and hoppiness with a fine carbonation and head.  Murphy’s Red would serve as an excellent entry-level beer for those who seek more flavorful brews but have yet to venture away from light beers.

Jon brought an English Ale that he brewed back in September with his Dad.  The beer was smooth, but lacked much hop flavor or aroma.  The hops were all grown by Jon in 2008.  The alpha acid was estimated at 2%, but may have been lower as they did not produce the bitterness or flavor expected.  Jon brought his food dehydrator for Ryan to use to malt some barley.

Ryan brought Chokecherry Port and Strawberry wine; both of which were very good.  Ryan also brought some Cabernet Savignon and distributed it as Christmas gifts.

Jon brought some Spaten banners that he acquired from his brother Joel.  Jon distributed the banners as Christmas gifts.

Jon Stika

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