Present: Jerry Ford, Ryan Jilek, Derek Fox, Matt, Glen Bruhschwein, Joe Johnson, Greg Walter, Jacob Walter, Rocky Stoltz, Joel Emter, Paul Ellerkamp and Jon Stika.

Joel and Paul provided information on “A Knights Brew” event scheduled for August 11th at the Dickinson Charities Bingo hall.  Jon will send out additional information to members regarding this event.  Discussed barrel beers.  Rocky, Jon and Ryan will brew additional batches of Wee Heavy to fill the barrel when the Double IPA is removed from the barrel.  Motion by Jilek, seconded by Fox to reimburse Stoltz $92.46 for purchase of three beer kits for club members to brew.  The three kits were taken by Walter, Jilek and Stika to be brewed and shared with the club at a later date.

Jon Stika

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