Present: Derek Fox, Jerry Ford, Joel Emter, Ellery Dykeman, Joe Natwick, Greg Walters, Glen Bruhschwein, Bryan Nelson, Jordan Sifuentes and Jon Stika.

Listened to and discussed proposal presented by Bryan Nelson of Maverick’s Saloon of Dickinson for Heart River Homebrewers club to participate in beer events at Maverick’s this summer.  Maverick’s would provide the venue for the events outdoors near Maverick’s Saloon and have the club serve beer that members brewed.  Funds raised by the events would be used to cover costs to Maverick’s and provide donations to the club, which the club would then use to cover costs of beer ingredients with the balance donated to a local charity.  If Maverick’s proposal for the club to participate is accepted by the club, the first event could be in July (10th?) with subsequent events on August 7th, September 4th, and October 2nd.  It was suggested that the club provide 4 or 5 different beers at each event and that the club purchase all ingredients/supplies used to make the beers and brewers would donate their time making the beers.  Members in attendance were in consensus to accept the proposal, but a motion was not made to do so at this meeting.

Discussed barrel beer project.  Jon, Glen, and Joe have each brewed 5 gallons of Wee Heavy for the barrel to date.  Nate, Joel, Greg, Ellery, Ryan and Derek have committed to brewing their contributions soon.  Therefore, 45 gallons have been committed to date, with at least another 15 gallons needed to fill the barrel.  It was agreed that Wee Heavy to fill the barrel would be brewed by the next club meeting in June so the Double IPA could be removed from the barrel and immediately replaced with Wee Heavy.

Discussed the need for a club banner to be used at public events.  It was agreed that Ryan Jilek should look into this to determine types of banners and costs.

Jon Stika

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