Present: Mike Walton, Jerry Ford, Joel Emter, Ryan Jilek, Ellery Dykeman, Greg Walters, Glen Bruhschwein and Jon Stika.

Discussed upcoming brewing-related events.  The club has accepted the donation of some ND Genesis 2-row barley from Greg Kessel, a farmer near Belfield.  The club has malted some of the barley and brewed a beer hopped with hops donated from the Dickinson Research and Extension Center’s 2015 hops production. The beer will be donated to Mr. Kessel to use as he sees fit to promote the production of malting barley in western North Dakota.  Joel reported that the Knights of Columbus “A Knights Brew” event is scheduled for August 4, 2016 at the former Dickinson Charities Bingo hall.  A message from Rocky Stoltz (not present) indicated that the owner of Maverick’s Saloon is considering hosting a beer event this summer and may wish to include the HRHB club.  Jon reported that he had brewed a club-purchased all-grain beer kit (Fresh Squished IPA) to make available at a future meeting.  Jon also reported that he had an article about brewing with citrus published in the March-April 2016 issue of Brew Your Own magazine.  Also discussed amending the club by-laws to indicate that regular club meeting dates would be the fourth Thursday of each month rather than the third Thursday of each month.

Jon Stika