Present: Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, Casey Ritz, Derek Fox, Jerry Ford, Glen Bruhschwein, Ellery Dykeman, Greg Walters, Joel Emter, Shane Smith, Joe Natwick and Jon Stika.

Rocky moved, seconded by Glen to cast a unanimous ballot for Jerry as President and Jon as Secretary.  Motion passed.  Jon reported that the club now has two Cornelius kegs with fittings to be able to dispense beer at events.  Jon also reported that the Double IPA brewed by several members was racked into the club barrel on January 23, 2016.  Rocky gave a Treasurers report.  Rocky reported that he has sent in the paperwork to renew the club as a non-profit organization in North Dakota and that the club has purchased two kits for members to brew.  Rocky collected 2016 dues from several in attendance and fees for club group rate subscription to Brew Your Own.

Jon Stika