Present: Jerry Ford, Rocky Stoltz, Steve Klicker, Nate Shilman, Glen Bruhschwein, Ellery Dykeman, Ryan Jilek and Jon Stika.

Discussed collective brewing to fill the new wine barrel.  Rocky, Joel (Empter), Glen, Tyler (Benson), Nate, Steve, Ellery, Jerry, Ryan and Jon will brew Imperial Stout to fill the barrel.  Jon will brew a batch of his own plus a batch sponsored by the club.  Ryan will brew a double (10 gallon) batch.

Discussed a club-organized beer event for early this fall.  Several members will check on various details needed to implement the event to determine its feasibility and develop a budget.  The preliminary plans for the event will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Discussed decoction mashing and its effect on beer flavor.

Jon Stika

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