Present: Paul Ellerkamp, Dale Sattler, Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, Jon Stika.

Beer of the month from Town & Country Liquors was Summit Kolsch.  This beer was light golden in color, slightly hoppy and dry with a lingering biscuit and hop finish.

Paul brought home-brewed; Honey Ale, Pale Ale, Cherry Stout and anise-flavored Red-Eye that he also made.  The Honey Ale was clean, slightly sweet balanced with hop bitterness.  The Pale Ale was good, but not in the Pale Ale style, as it was neither bitter nor hoppy.  The Cherry Stout was dark, roasty and flavorful, but the cherry flavor was almost lost in the other malt and hop flavors.  The anise Red Eye was very good.

Ryan brought a Simcoe hop India Pale Ale that had a very intense hop aroma and flavor (grapefruit) but a balanced malt sweetness and hop bitterness.  A very interesting brew…

Dale brought a strawberry-rhubarb wine that was very balanced and flavorful.

Jon brought samples of malt from the barley Paul gave him.  Jon is nearly finished malting all of the barley (5 gallon pail) and will weigh the finished malt to see how many pounds will result.

Rocky brought some munchies (potato chips and cashews).

The next meeting is scheduled for December 3rd.

Jon Stika

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