Present: Ryan Jilek, Joel Empter, Michael Kreitinger, Glen Bruhschwein, Alan Church, Jerry Ford and Jon Stika.

Jon shared recent correspondence addressed to the club.  Jon shared brewing newspapers brought back from a recent trip to Oregon.  Discussed various homebrew suppliers and new yeasts, etc. that they had to offer.  Discussed Knights of Columbus Beer Taste scheduled for September 20th at the Dickinson Recreation Center.  There will be no formal competition or judging of the beers served.  Mike asked the club if they would be willing to provide and serve beers at the event.  Jon and Ryan agreed to brew two beers for the club to serve.  Jerry talked to Elmer Miller of Raleigh, ND regarding malting barley.  Jerry asked that anyone interested in acquiring some Conlon two-row barley from Mr. Miller provide Jerry with a five-gallon bucket and Jerry will secure some of the barley later this summer.  Discussed club picnic.  Jon will send out list of potential dates in September for members to vote on.  Glen brought some excess brewing equipment (buckets, carboys, etc.) that he acquired at a reasonable price that he made available to club members at no charge.  Discussed several ND and MN start-up and relatively new breweries and their respective beers.  Sampled several home brewed beers brought to the meeting by those in attendance.

Jon Stika

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