Present: Jerry Ford, Steve Klicker, Paul Ellerkamp, Glen Bruhschwein, Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, Alan Church, Michael Kreitinger, Jeremiah Thorpe, Alicia Erickson and Jon Stika.

Discussed barrel cleaning.  Jon and Ryan will determine a day when it will be warm enough to pressure wash the inside of the club barrels at Ryan’s house.  After Jon and Ryan get the barrels cleaned, a date will be determined when Old Ale will be brewed by club members to fill one of the barrels.  Ryan will check on digitized club logo for embroidered shirts.  Alicia informed the group that the Dickinson State University Foundation “Blues and Brews” will be held at the Biesoit Activities Center on the DSU campus on June 7th.  Rockpile Energy will be a major sponsor.  Alicia invited the club to again participate in serving homebrewed beer at the event.  Discussed club assisting with brewing beers for the Foundation to be served at the event.  Alicia will determine three beers to be brewed for the Foundation and check with Ryan before ordering the kits.  Club members will determine a date in March to brew the beers.  Ryan moved that club members in good standing (dues paid) would only be charged $10 for a subscription to Brew Your Own as part of the group discount subscription recently submitted by Rocky.  Motion seconded by Rocky.  Motion passed.  Rocky collected dues from several members and payment for BYO subscriptions from those included in the group BYO deal.  Ciders and beers brought by members were sampled and evaluated.

Jon Stika


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