Present: Jerry Ford, Ryan Jilek and Jon Stika.

Discussed the Radegast Club of the Year competition.  Jon will complete an entry for the club.  Discussed embroidered club shirts.  Jon provided Ryan with the electronic files of the club image that are formatted to run an automated embroidery machine.  Ryan will check with local businesses to see who could embroider the image onto shirts and the cost thereof.  Discussed cleaning the club barrels.  Barrel 1 is empty but not cleaned and Barrel 2 is full of Wee Heavy.  It was suggested that distribution of the Wee Heavy out of Barrel 2 take place at the next club meeting on January 23rd if Rocky is willing to host the meeting at his house where Barrel 2 currently resides.  It was also suggested that after the Wee Heavy is removed from Barrel 2, that both barrels be taken to a self-serve car wash and be pressure rinsed to remove as much yeast and trub as possible.  The barrels could then be stored in Ryan’s Quonset until spring when the barrels could be properly cleaned and sanitized before aging the next beer.  Therefore, the Old Ale that was determined to be the next beer to be aged in a club barrel would not need to be brewed until spring when a barrel would be ready to accept the beer.  The business of election of a President and Secretary and collection of dues was tabled until the January meeting.

Jon Stika Secretary


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