Present: Ryan Jilek, Paul Ellerkamp, Dennis Froemke, Todd Solem and Jon Stika.

The beer of the month from Town & Country Liquors was Boulevard Single Wide IPA.  This was an excellent example of the IPA style with a very complex hop profile balanced with good malt finish.  The beer had a nice deep copper color and very good foamy head.

The annual picnic is set for September 12th at Jilek’s.

Ryan brought the pub pint glasses with the club logo etched into them.  Some of the glasses had small flaws in the etching and Ryan said he would do those again in the near future.

Dennis brought an English Bitter brewed from an extract kit.  The beer was good, but a little sweet with an extract-flavored finish.  The group suggested increasing aeration and yeast pitching rate to increase attenuation.  Jon brought a bottle of “Green Grape” wine made by his late mother (Lois) back in 1983.  The wine was a good, slightly sweet “country” wine with caramel and maple overtones.  Todd brought some chokecherry/grape wine that had a good balance and body that he thought Kenzie would surely love.  Paul brought some Lemoncello liquor that was very citrusy, sweet and carbonated.  The group suggested it would be best served over ice or in a ice-blended drink.  Ryan brought some Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale IPA.  It was hoppier and less balanced (drier) than the Boulevard Single Wide IPA.

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