Present: Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, Todd Solem, Dale Sattler and Jon Stika.

Ryan reported on logos for the beer glasses.  He said the stencils were cut such that they would not sit square on the pint glasses so he is going to re-cut them.  Ryan gave each member present the current stencil to use as they saw fit.  Ryan suggested that blue painters tape be applied to the stencil, then the stencil backing removed and the stencil firmly applied to the desired surface, then the blue tape removed to leave the stencil on the desired surface for etching and subsequent removal of the stencil. 

Rocky brought the certificate of incorporation issued by the state of ND to the Heart River Homebrewers, issued on the 4th of May, 2009.  The certificate was framed and posted on the wall of the board room of Custom Data world headquarters.  Rocky also presented the Treasurer’s report with an ending balance of $170.50 of which $5.00 is in a savings account and $165.50 in a checking account at Western Cooperative Credit Union.  Todd moved to submit the Treasurer’s report for audit, seconded by Jon.  Motion passed. 

Discussed potential dates for the summer picnic.  Ryan offered to host the picnic again this year at his place near Dickinson.  Two dates were proposed; August 29th or September 12th, 2009.  There was also some discussion of inviting members from another ND home brewers club to attend the HRHB picnic. 

Beer of the month from Town & Country Liquors was Honey Moon Seasonal from Blue Moon Brewing Co.   Honey Moon is a light wheat ale with a subtle orange-zest and honey flavors.  The beer was slightly sweet and very similar to Blue Moon less the coriander flavors. 

Todd brought some Pandora’s Bock from Breckenridge Brewery, CO.  It was a very good malty bock beer with alcohol evident in the finish.  Rocky brought a home-brewed wheat ale with pronounced clove spiciness and very light color and flavor… a good summer beer.  Dale brought pear wine and home-made Red Eye with anise.  Both were very good.  Jon brought some mead he made for Austin’s wedding/honeymoon.  The mead was slightly sparkling with good aroma and balanced flavor. 

Rocky also brought an old wooden beer case that held 36 bottles from the Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co. of Minnesota.  The case had a wooden lid with metal hinges and latch and it was estimated the case dated from the turn of the century.

Jon Stika

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