Present: Ryan Jilek, Joel Empter, Dale Sattler, Rocky Stoltz, Glen Bruhschwein, Jerry Ford, Alan Church, Jeremiah Thorpe, Paul Ellerkamp, Chip Ford and Jon Stika.

Discussed sharing hop rhizomes among members.  Jon reported that the Imperial Stout entry in the Eight Seconds of Froth competition would not be entered because of pickup issues.  Alan moved, seconded by Jeremiah that Jon contact the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) regarding the failure by the High Plains Drafters of Cheyenne, WY to uphold their commitment to collect entries in the 8 seconds of Froth competition as originally stated in the competition rules.  Motion passed.  Alan reported on the Outlaw Alcohol presentation made by members Jilek and Stika at the Albers Humanitites Festival at Dickinson State University on April 12th.  Discussed the next collective brew to age in the club’s wine barrel.  Jerry moved, seconded by Ryan that the next style to be brewed for the barrel be a Scotch Strong Ale (Wee Heavy) with any deficit made up by the club (brewed by volunteer members) or a member of the Muddy River Mashers of Mandan if necessary.  Motion passed.  Five-gallon batches of the beer will be brewed by Ryan, Jon, Jeremiah, Jerry, Glen, Alan, Rocky, Paul, Joel and Chip and be ready to transfer to the barrel by the July club meeting.  Discussed the upcoming Blues and Brews scheduled for June 1st at the Biesiot Activity Center.  Rocky, Dale, Ryan, Jeremiah, Paul and Jon plan to attend and serve their homemade beer/wine.  Discussed brewing a beer using second runnings from a big mash.  Jon reported that the beers brewed at Hawk’s Point for Blues and Brews have been kegged and connected to carbon dioxide for carbonation/maturation.

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