Present: Paul Ellerkamp, Todd Solem, Rocky Stoltz and Jon Stika.

The meeting was held at Jon Stika’s home, as Custom Data World Headquarters was unavailable.

The group assisted Treasurer Stoltz complete the application of non-profit articles of incorporation for the club with the secretary of state of North Dakota.  When filed, the incorporation status will allow the club to open a bank account for the Treasurer to manage club funds.

Beer of the month from Town and Country Liquors was Michelob Irish Red.  The Irish Red had an excellent color for the style and was malty, crisp, with a good hop flavor profile and dry caramel malt finish.  A nice beer that fit the style well.

Rocky brought some of his ESB which fit the style well with good fruity esters in the middle of the flavor profile.  Paul brought some Michelob Hop Hound wheat beer.  This beer was neither hoppy nor representative of a wheat beer flavor profile and was drinkable, but unimpressive.   Jon provided a beer that he and his son-in-law Maurice brewed back in February.  The beer had a malt bill based on an English Mild Ale, was fermented with Windsor Ale yeast and hopped exclusively with home-grown Tettnang hops.  Group comments included; “good summer ale”, “light and subtle” and “balanced”.  Based on past experience, Jon assumed an alpha acid content of his home-grown hops at 2% and felt that was an accurate assumption for this beer.

Jon Stika

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