Present: Ryan Jilek, Mike Anderson, Rocky Stoltz, Paul Ellerkamp and Jon Stika.

Beer of the month from Town & Country Liquors was Dundee Oktoberfest. Dundee Oktoberfest has a light amber color and very pronounced caramel flavor. It is both sweeter and lacking in the biscuity/bready flavors of a traditional Oktoberfest, but is clean and smooth with a malty finish.

Rocky brought a Maple Ale, Paul brought a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone, Ryan brought some of his barleywine and IPA from the brewing session last fall, Mike brought some hard cider and lemon “snap”, and Jon brought some Brown Ale. The Maple Ale was good, but lacking in noticeable maple aroma or flavor. Rocky said he added the maple syrup near the end of the boil. Jon suggested the maple syrup might be added to the secondary fermenter to limit the maple flavor and aroma being lost during the boil or carbon dioxide evolution during primary fermentation. The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone was brewed from a kit purchased from Midwest Brewing. The malt bill was entirely dry malt extract. The beer was very good, with a good malt flavor and lots of Cascade hop aroma and flavor. The Barleywine was very good and balanced with alcohol evident in the flavor profile. All agreed the Barleywine was very young yet and would improve with age. The IPA was very true to style and very good overall. The hard Cider was very good with a slight sweetness and nice apple flavor. The Lemon Snap was very lemony and easy to drink. The Brown Ale was well balanced with some fruity esters, but lacked the malt character desired in that style of ale.

Ryan moved to charge $20 as annual club dues, seconded by Jon. After further discussion, the motion was amended to $25 per year. Discussion included that the money could be used to purchase pint glasses on which Ryan offered to etch the club name. The glasses could be used by each member at regular meetings as a tasting glass. Each member would be responsible for bringing their glass to each meeting. Dues could also be used to sponsor a subscription at the Dickinson Public Library for ‘Brew Your Own’ and ‘Zymurgy’ magazines and for other expenses for supplies consumed at meetings. Motion passed.

Ryan moved to split the current position of Secretary/Treasurer into separate positions of Secretary and Treasurer with the President and Treasurer as signatories on any payments made by the club, seconded by Rocky. Motion passed. Ryan moved that Rocky be elected as Treasurer by unanimous ballot and all other nominations cease, seconded by Mike. Motion passed. Rocky is now the club Treasurer and Jon the club Secretary.

Ryan moved that we file as a non-profit organization with the state of North Dakota to give the club a legally recognized identity, seconded by Jon. Motion passed.

Other discussion centered around the need to hold elections for the positions of vice president and members at large at the February 2009 meeting. The current Vice President and members at large are eligible for re-election. Other members are eligible to be elected to these positions except Paul as President and Jon as Secretary. It was noted that Jon brought his own tasting glass to the meeting to save a disposable plastic cup from the trash.

Jon Stika


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