Present: Chip Ford, Rocky Stoltz, Jerry Ford, Dale Sattler, Alan Church, Ryan Jilek, Paul Ellerkamp, Jeremiah Thorpe and Jon Stika.

Discussed the wild yeast (La Plante) captured by Alan and cultured by Ryan.  Several good slants with what appear to be pure colonies have been produced by Ryan.  Discussed ciders made this fall.  Discussed and sampled current barrel beer (Imperial Stout).  Discussed next barrel beer and settled on a Brown Ale.  The club purchased two Hex Nut Brown Ale kits from MidWest Supplies that will be brewed by Jon to go into the barrel when the Imperial Stout is withdrawn from the barrel.  The balance of the volume needed to fill the barrel will be brewed by: Paul (5 gallons), Rocky (5 gallons), Ryan (10 gallons), Jerry (5 gallons), Alan (10 gallons), Jeremiah (5 gallons), Michael Kreitinger (5 gallons) and Jon (5 gallons).  It was decided that all beer brewed to fill the barrel will be delivered to Custom Data on or before the January meeting scheduled for January 24th, 2013.

Rocky provided a Treasurer’s report showing a balance of $669.65.  Jon reported on the recent Hoppy Halloween home brew competition in Fargo at which he judged, earning the necessary points to earn the rank of Certified beer judge.

Chip brought an American Pale Ale which was judged by Jerry, Ryan and Jon with an average score of 38.  Rocky brought Chokecherry Stout, Dale brought Gooseberry and Mint wine, Alan brought a Belgian smoked ale, Paul brought Harvest Dance Wheat wine and Old Numbskull Barley wine, Jeremiah brought a Scottish Ale and Jon brought Hard Cider.

Jon Stika

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