Present: Rocky Stoltz, Paul Ellerkamp, Jeremy Jahner, Todd Solem, Dale Sattler, Ryan Jilek, Dennis Froemke, Jon Stika, Mike Anderson and Todd Dorval. 

Welcome to new members Mike Anderson and Todd Dorval! 

The beer of the month supplied by Town & Country Liquors was Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown lager.  Fireside is a deep amber colored lager with prominent maple sweetness, hazelnut and chocolate flavors and a clean crisp finish.  Fireside is likely the most flavorful beer available of the many varieties brewed by Leinenkugel’s.

Dennis brought a sample of his first beer that he brewed, an Irish Red Ale, which was now fully carbonated.  Paul brought some of his Scottish 60+/- Ale.  Ryan brought some Oktoberfest that was fermented with a California Common (Steam Beer) yeast.  Rocky brought some ESB.  Jon brought some Espresso Porter.  Todd S. brought some wine that is now a year old that was feremented from Concord grapes locally grown by Guy Harper.  Dale brought Elderberry wine from locally grown Elderberries.  Todd D. and Paul each brought Apple Pie liquor. 

Discussed production of brewing shows for Channel 18 (Consolidated Communications local access).  Jon will script some outlines and questions that could be used in shows.  Topics suggested were: types of beer, ingredients, equipment, process for extract brewing vs. all grain, and the steps in making wine.

Jon updated the website to include the link to CafePress for those interested in purchasing items with the club logo on them.  The link to CafePress is on the About Us page.

Jon Stika


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