Present: Jerry Ford, Chip Ford, Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, Alan Church, Jeremiah Thorpe and Jon Stika.

Received $50 prize money from Hawk’s Point Brews & Blues event.  Ryan has 10 ounce pub shaped beer glasses for sale to members for $2.60 each.  Discussed and decided to conduct apple pressing on October 30th at Jileks’.  Discussed Alan’s wild yeast he captured recently and how it would be selected and propagated.  Sampled the Imperial Stout barrel beer and decided to give it more time in the barrel.  The beer has a slight wine flavor and some vanilla flavor from the barrel so far.  Alan brought a beer made with the wild yeast.  The yeast was captured on the Dickinson Research and Extension Center, north of the office building.  The beer had slight fruitiness reminiscent of weizen yeast.  Discussed the next ND Brewers camp out location west of the Missouri River.  Cottonwood campground in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit was suggested.  Jon brought a Belgian Golden Strong Ale.  Discussed the next beer style to put in the other wine barrel.  Brown Ale was suggested.  Rocky brought Chokecherry Stout.  Jerry brought some hard ciders.  Jeremiah brought Big Eddy Scottish Ale.

Jon Stika

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