Present: Jerry Ford, Jeremy Hereth, Doug Fettig, Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz, Heath Braun, Chip Ford, Dale Sattler, Michael Kreitinger and Jon Stika.

Discussed upcoming Brews and Blues on June 2nd, ND Brewers campout at Cross Ranch June 23-24 and HRHB club picnic and members only homebrew competition on September at at Stika’s.  Jon shared a copy of the confirmation for the competition as an AHA sanctioned event.  Also discussed brewing of beer to fill the oak wine barrel.  Rocky has 5 gallons brewed, Jon has 10 gallons brewed, Ryan has 10 gallons brewed and Jerry plans to brew 5 gallons on the coming weekend.  Ryan brought Polish Pilsner, Jon brought Belgian Golden Ale, Jerry brought a Farmhouse Saison Ale and Oarsman sour mash ale, Heath brought Coconut Stout, Rocky brought Cream Ale, Mike brought Wild Blue blueberry lager from Blue Dog Brewery, Dale brought grape wine.