Present: Jerry Ford, Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz, Heath Braun, Paul Ellerkamp, Alan Church, Michael Kreitinger, Chip Ford and Jon Stika.

Ryan reported on and the group discussed the upcoming Blues and Brews event scheduled for June 2, 2012 at the Badland Activity Center in Dickinson.  Several club members plan to bring beer to the event.  April 13th was tentatively set as the date for club members to assist with brewing of beers for Hawk’s Point to serve at Blues and Brews.  Paul reported on the Bakken Brewfest held in Sidney, MT on March 3rd.  Sixteen Montana breweries were represented at the event.  Discussed new membership cards that include the AHA club number.  Ryan will make the cards.  Jon led a discussion of organic chemistry and the common compounds associated with the brewing process.   June 22nd was discussed as a probable date for the ND Brewers campout at Cross Ranch State Park.  Discussed a Heart River Home Brewers club only home brew competition as part of the club picnic this summer.  Jon offered to host the picnic.  A date has not been set.  Motion by Paul, seconded by Ryan to purchase 2 used oak wine barrels from Runnings.  After some discussion, President Ford called for a vote on the motion.  Motion passed.  The barrels will be used to age beer that will be brewed by several members in order to produce enough of one style of beer to fill the barrels.  Porter was discussed as the first potential style to be brewed for barrel aging.

Jerry brought Estate Homegrown Ale by Sierra Nevada, Paul brought home-brewed Teddy Stout with chokecherry in it and a BPA.  Rocky brought an Amber Ale.  Ryan brought sweet sparkling mead.  Alan brought a Dubbel and Framboise limbic, Jon brought Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale by Boulevard.

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