Present: Jerry Ford, Alan Church, Craig Tessier, Ryan Jilek, Jeremiah Thorpe, Michael Kreitinger and Jon Stika.

Beer of the Month from Town & Country Liquors was LaBatt Blue Light Lime.  Blue Light Lime was a very clear straw color with a very prominent lime aroma.  The beer had a flavor of lime and candy-like fruitiness reminiscent of Necco wafers & Dots with a slightly malty dry finish.

Discussed the invitation from the Institute of Barley and Malt Sciences of Fargo, ND for the club to participate in the Best of the Best Wheat and Barley Research Update scheduled for February 7, 2012 in Dickinson, ND.  Discussed wort aeration and yeast pitching rates for successful fermentation.  Mentioned that Dale will be heading to Minneapolis on the weekend and will pick up any requested brewing supplies for club members at Midwest Brewing Supplies.

Ryan brought a Hefeweizen and an IPA made with New Zealand hop varieties.  Jon brought an Ordinary Bitter made from the left over Midwest kit.  Alan brought an Ordinary Bitter brewed with unknown hops grown in his yard and an English Barleywine.  Craig brought an Autumn Amber Ale.  Mike brought an Oatmeal Stout.  Jerry brought a Belgian quad and hard cider.  Jeremiah brought an English Barleywine.

Jerry, Jon, Alan, Ryan, Mike and Jeremiah paid 2012 dues.  Jerry paid for his own BYO renewal and that of one friend, Alan paid for his own BYO renewal and that of one friend.  Jon, Ryan, Mike, Craig and Jeremiah paid for BYO renewals.

A drawing was held, won by Jerry, for a bottle of mead and bag of coffee made by Ryan.

Jon Stika

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