Present: Jerry Ford, Michael Kreitinger, Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, Jeremiah Thorpe, Paul Ellerkamp and Jon Stika.

Discussed the Beer Judge Certification Program exam that Jon completed on 9/17/11.  Jon brought a sample of English Bitter dry-hopped with the Heart River wild hops that Rocky, Ryan and Jon collected earlier this month.  The hops produced a minty-green bean-dill type of flavor in the beer.  Discussed brewing a test batch of beer and using the wild hops for bittering to see what type of bitterness profile would result.  Discussed processing apples this weekend with Jon’s fruit press to make some hard cider.  Rocky, Ryan and Jon will plan to do this on the 24th.  Discussed the upcoming Knights of Columbus beer event.  Jon and Ryan will not be able to attend, so the brewing demonstration was cancelled.  Jon will keg the English Bitter he brewed from the Midwest Brewing kit and give it to Rocky to serve at the event.  No beer of the month.  Rocky brought a Czech Pils he brewed, Jerry brought Phin and Matt’s Southern Tier Ale, Jon brought Abita Turbodog Ale, Mike brought a Peach Wheat Ale he brewed, Ryan brought a barleywine he brewed and a bottle of Shipyard Brewing’s barleywine.

Jon Stika

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