The Heart River Homebrewers met on November 29, 2007 at the home of President Jon Stika.

Members Jeremy Jahner, Ryan Jilek, Paul Ellerkamp, Dennis Froemke, Rocky Stoltz, Todd Solem, and Jon Stika enjoyed pizza, wings, beef sticks, crab salad and many different kinds of beer and wine, both commercial and member produced.

Rocky and Ryan brought a Fat Tire clones. Jeremy brought some Redhook Sunrye. Paul brought his own Hefe Weizen, IPA, Trippel, and Oktoberfest and several commercial beers from his beer-of-the-month stash. Todd brought crabapple-cranberry and grape wines. Dennis brought Guinness. Jon supplied some English Mild ale.

The group watched the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys football game during the meeting. Special guest was Kyle Hartel who brought Miller Sharps NA. The next meeting is scheduled for December 29th at Custom Data.

Beers from November 2007 meeting

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