Present: Michael Kreitinger, Jerry Ford, Dale Sattler, Alan Church, Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, Paul Ellerkamp and Jon Stika.

Beer of the Month from Town & Country Liquors was Leffe Blonde; a golden, spicy classic Belgian ale.  The ale had clove, banana and black pepper notes in an earthy, slightly sweet malt base with a dry, slightly hoppy finish.

2011 members who have paid dues and are in otherwise good standing with the club include: Alan Church, Dave Lehman, Jeremiah Thorpe, Michael Kreitinger, Gerald Ford, Ryan Jilek, Paul Ellerkamp, Dale Sattler, Rocky Stoltz, Jeremy Jahner and Jon Stika.

Rocky nominated Ryan to continue in the position of Vice President.  Ryan nominated Rocky to continue in the position of Treasurer.  Rocky nominated Alan for Member at Large.  Ryan nominated Jerry for Member at Large.  Ryan moved to cast a unanimous ballot for all those nominated.  Motion passed.

Ryan moved to have Rocky pay for the group subscription to BYO with club funds, seconded by Jon.  Motion passed.  Rocky collected funds from members who were included in the group subscription rate.

The group discussed the club being recognized by the American Homebrewers Association and asked that Jon research the procedure and costs to do so.

Jerry brought some finished pale and crystal malt made from Conlon two-row barley and some that was still actively sprouting.  Jon brought some malt of Rocky’s that had been dried with the rootlets still intact for Rocky to finish sieving and toasting.

Allan brought some French Blonde Saison, Jon brought an under-hopped Pale Ale, Mike brought some Raspberry Wheat, Rocky brought some Cream Ale, Ryan brought a Black IPA, Dale brought some blueberry wine, Paul brought a bottle of Goose Islands’ Bourbon County Coffee Stout.

Ryan moved that Jon send a message to area legislators to support HB 1339 to license domestic ND breweries.  Paul seconded, motion passed.

Discussed the production of an all-local beer made from North Dakota barley malt, locally grown hops (and/or native hops), local water conducted as an open fermentation to utilize wild local yeast.   Also discussed sharing hop rhizomes of members currently growing hops with other club members who wish to grow new varieties in addition to what they already have, or to begin growing hops themselves.

Discussed conducting two club meetings per month; one a business meeting and another to visit members homes to view and discuss brewing, malting and hop growing methods and equipment.

Jon Stika

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