Present: Jeremiah Thorpe, Alan Church, Jon Stika, Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz, Jerry Ford, Paul Ellerkamp, Mike Kreitinger and Dale Sattler.

Beer of the Month from Town and Country Liquors was Shiner Holiday Cheer from Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. The beer is fruity (peaches are used in this beer) and slightly sweet up front with a good malt base and a dry roasted pecan/hop finish. A very complex and flavorful beer but a little thin in mouthfeel for a holiday ale.

Discussed date for next month’s meeting and it was agreed to meet on December 16th to avoid the Christmas holiday. Paul reported that the KC club beer taste event is planned for October of 2011. Discussed the possibility of including a homebrew competition as part of the KC event, but the club has no certified beer judges. Jon will research what is needed to become a beer judge and check with on availability of certified judges in ND.

Jon brought his English Brown Ale that was a balanced “session beer”. Allan brought his French Blonde Ale that was spicy (clove), slightly sweet with a dry finish, “Mysterium” brewed with White Labs French yeast that was tart, malty with a dry finish and a Belgian Pale Ale that was fruity, leathery and spicy. Dale brought his Dram Buie and a Rhubarb wine, both of which were very good. Paul brought a bourbon barrel-aged beer that was very complex and oakey. Ryan brought Pigs Ass Porter from Harvest Moon Brewing of Belt, MT. The Porter was rather dry, roasty and hoppy for a Porter and tasted more like an Irish Stout. Jerry brought 48 degree Latitude IPA from Sam Adams which was fairly tame and balanced for an IPA.
Jon Stika

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