Present: Ryan Jilek, Dean Byrd, Jerry Ford, Rocky Stoltz, Jon Stika, Virginia Lloyd (Jon’s daughter), Dale Sattler, Alan Church and Dave Lehman.

Rocky reported on his experimental batch of beer utilizing wild hops picked near his home east of Dickinson.  He said the flavor and aroma of the wort seemed good and he is fermenting the batch with an ale yeast.  Ryan shared a poster for Hoppy the 13th event sponsored by the Prairie Homebrewing Companions of Fargo, ND.  Discussed a trip to the Maple River Winery in Casselton, ND or the Beaver Creek Brewery in Wibaux, MT.

Alan brought two Belgian sour beers Saison no. 4 and Guerre de Etoiles, a Flemish sour ale fermented with Wyeast Saison yeast.  Jon brought the Patersbier brewed by Alan that was left over from the club picnic on the 11th, which was fermented with Wyeast Schelde Special Reserve yeast.  Each of the beers was very good and very unique.  The group preferred the sour beers over the Patersbier.  The Guerre de Etoiles was maltier than the Saison no. 4.  Discussion ensued about using the Wyeast Saison to brew a Berliner Weisse beer.  Alan reported after the meeting about a 3191-PC Berliner Weisse yeast/bacteria blend that could also work well for the Berliner Weisse style.

Dale brought a cranberry/rhubarb wine which was very flavorful and balanced.  Ryan brought a barley wine and hops concentrate strong ale that he brewed.  He is considering entering one or both in an upcoming competition.  The group preferred the barley wine over the hops concentrate and commented that the hops concentrate should mellow with age.  Dean brought an Oktoberbeer that he added honey and cinnamon to.  The beer was light and crisp with a subtle cinnamon finish.  Jerry brought some CopperHook from RedHook brewing which was a slightly sweet red ale which would make a good session beer.

Jon Stika

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