Present: Ryan Jilek, Jerry Ford, Jon Stika, Dustin Burrows, Alan Church, Paul Ellerkamp, Mike Anderson, Dean Byrd, Rocky Stoltz.

Ryan brought the Kolsch that was brewed at the KC event .  The beer was very clear and balanced, though not as hoppy as the same kit brewed and served at the event.  Jerry brought Peroni Italian lager.  Dean brought an IPA and Pale Ale.  The Pale Ale was light and slightly sweet and not as hoppy as a traditional Pale Ale.  Paul brought a wheat beer with added malt and Centennial hops that was very hoppy and flavorful.  Mike brought some plum wine that was good but needed more time to clarify.

Discussed the Oktoberfest event in Bismarck on October 2nd at the Sertoma Community Center from 2 to 8 PM sponsored by the Muddy River Mashers.  Members should email Ryan to let him know if they plan to attend to pool rides.

Discussed the club picnic scheduled for September 11th at Stika’s.

Jon Stika

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