Present: Rocky Stoltz, Dale Sattler, Paul Ellerkamp and Ryan Jilek

Beer of the Month was a Schell Maifest from Town & Country Liquors. This beer was a very nice golden color with excellent clarity. Malty and subtle hops on the nose with a good balance of hops and bready malt on the palate. Very slight fruity flavor and maybe not quite as malty as one would expect from a Maibock style beer.

Paul brought a bottle of his Custer’s Curly-cue Honey Ale. Paul’s beer had a malty nose. It was dry and slightly bitter but nice balance of flavors with the honey mostly coming out in the finish.

Dale brought us some Honey Lemon Basil Celebration Ale made from a special run of kits from Midwest Homebrewing Supplies. This beer was malty with a light golden color. The Basil comes out only in the finish. There was a nice spiciness in the aroma from the honey and almost no detectable hops in both the aroma or taste.

Ryan brought his Hops Concentrate which is a double IPA coming in at 10% ABV and approximately 120 IBU’s. Ryan said roughly a pound of hops went into this 5 gallon batch. The aroma was pretty much like freshly opening a bag of hops. A very complex combination of hops make up the flavor with a good dose of malt to attempt to provide balance. The alcohol blends nicely and provides a nice warming in the mouth.

New business discussed included the Octoberfest celebration. We may team up with Town & Country Liquors to get the ball rolling. Expanding it to include a competition and raffle were also discussed. The discussion included the possibility of taking the event indoors to eliminate the need to plan for alternate locations in case of weather. The possibility of tying it to the Badlands Activity Center and using one of their rooms with the possibility of doing so on a weekend of an away DSU game. The decision for this year was to go with the recommendation of Town & Country and continue discussions for taking the event on as a club in subsequent years.

A motion was made by Dale to purchase a jar of Pickled eggs from the Tai food restaurant in Dickinson for our next meeting. Rocky seconded and volunteered to purchase and deliver the eggs.

Meeting adjourned.
Ryan Jilek
Vice President

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