Present: Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz, Dale Sattler, Jerry Ford and Jon Stika.

No Beer of the Month.

Rocky provided a brief Treasurers report and discussed the issue regarding filing federal tax return for non-profit status.  Since our non-profit designation is with the state of North Dakota, it was decided that we did not need to act on this issue.

Dale brought Raddlefish Stout from Beaver Creek Brewery in Wibaux, MT and Ferocious Ale, a very hoppy Pale Ale.  Jerry brought an IPA made with homegrown Perle hops.  The beer was very good.  He also brought an Irish Stout made with homemade malt which was nice and roasty and a bottle of wine made by a friend of his.  The wine was cellared until next meeting.  Jon brought a Dopplebock he brewed in 1995 that has been aged in his basement.  It was very smooth, slightly sweet and chocolate-like.  Ryan brought a Classic American Pilsner that included some corn, but had more body than commercial examples.  Rocky brought a European Pilsner which was very smooth and balanced.  Jerry paid annual dues and is now a member in good standing.

Hop growing was discussed, as was the idea of posting everyone’s hop production on the web site so hops might be shared and/or traded between members.

Jon Stika

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