Present: Jerry Ford, Steve Klicker, Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz, Greg Walter, Katsu Ogawa, Curtis Blaik, Nate Shillman, Joe Natwick, Ellery Dykeman, Casey Ritz, Craig Whippo and Jon Stika.

Rocky collected dues from members for 2018.  Rocky moved to cast a unanimous ballot for another two-year term for Jerry Ford as president and Jon Stika as secretary.  Seconded by Casey.  Motion passed.  Rocky has purchased the carbon dioxide refill equipment and has it at his residence.  Rocky moved to charge club members $2/pound carbon dioxide to refill cylinders from the new carbon dioxide set-up.  Seconded by Jerry.  Motion passed.  Greg moved to have the club purchase two all-grain beer recipe kits to be brewed by Jon to refill the clubs two kegs.  Seconded by Ryan.  Motion passed.  Discussed cold-steeping dark malt/grains to reduce astringency in finished beer.  Bid Ellery best wishes in his move to Minot.

Jon Stika

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