Present: Steve Day, Ryan Jilek, Jerry Ford, Ellery Dykeman, Jacob Walter, Greg Walter, Katsu Ogawa, Rocky Stoltz, Jake Stoltz, and Jon Stika.

Discussed production of club banner.  Jon will pursue development of final design and production.  Greg, Jon, and Ryan gave a report on the Yuletyme event sponsored by the DSU Hertiage Foundation.  Rocky presented a sign-up sheet for club group subscription for Brew Your Own magazine for members to complete.  Motion by Jilek, second by Greg Walter for club to purchase a set-up for transferring carbon dioxide from a large (100 pound) cylinder to smaller cylinders.  Discussion on safety and that Rocky Stoltz would host and maintain the equipment.  Motion passed.  Motion by Jilek, second by Rocky Stoltz to submit form and fees to state of ND to renew club non-profit status.

Jon Stika