Present: Kelli Sharf, Jerry Ford, Casey Ritz, Derek Fox, Greg Walter, Darrell Neubert, Steve Day, and Jon Stika.

Discussed club logo redesign and decided that the latest versions (one with river and buttes and one without) are both acceptable for use depending on the medium (print, embroidery, etc.).  Jon will contact Ryan Jilek to have club poster made with river and butte logo design.  Discussed club participation in Yuletyme fundraiser by the Dickinson State University Heritage Foundation.  Greg and Jon have committed to serve beer brewed by the club at the event on December 9th at the Biesiot Activities Center.  Ryan or Derek may also assist depending on who is available to do so. Discussed logistics for club member trip to Stonehome brewery in Watford City.  Jerry Ford and Derek Fox will coordinate trip with those that showed an interest in the Doodle poll conducted earlier.  Discussed club group subscription to Brew Your Own magazine.  Jon circulated a sign-up sheet which garnered four sign-ups.  Sheet will be circulated again at the December meeting to achieve at least ten sign-ups needed to participate in the group discount.  Discussed club malt order.  Jon has provided the order to Ryan Jilek.  Ryan will pick up the order when he is in Bismarck in the near future.

Jon Stika

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