The September 2017 meeting was held at Greg Walter’s, but no business was conducted or minutes recorded.

The October 2017 meeting was held on November 2, 2017. Present: Ryan Jilek, Terris Dietz, Jerry Ford, Rocky Stoltz, Derek Fox, Craig Whippo, Ellery Dykeman, Greg Walter, and Jon Stika.

Discussed club logo design.  Jon will send out latest version for review.  Discussed group order of malt from Two-Track Malting.  Price for full 50 pound bags for homebrew clubs is $.68/pound.  Jon will send out email to compile an order from members.  Greg presented information about the Dickinson State University Heritage Foundation Yuletyme event scheduled for December 9th at the Biesiot Activities Center.    It was agreed that the club would participate by providing 2 or 3 beers.  Greg, Jon and Ryan volunteered to take part in the event.  Discussed a club trip to Stonehome brewpub in Watford City, ND.  Jon will send out a Doodle poll for dates between Thanksgiving and Christmas to see if a date for the trip can be determined.  Agreed that the November club meeting should be scheduled for November 30th to avoid a conflict with Thanksgiving.  Discussed beers that were brought by members for evaluation.

Jon Stika


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