Present: Ryan Jilek, Chip Ford, Joel Emter, Rocky Stoltz, Chris Scharpf, Alan Church, Michael Kreitinger, Paul Ellerkamp, Jerry Ford, Jon Stika and guest Marya Skaare, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Dickinson State University Alumni & Foundation.

Marya led a discussion on the 2012 Blues & Brews event scheduled for June 1st at the Biesiot Activity Center in Dickinson.  The club agreed to assist the Foundation by brewing three kit beers to be served at the event.  Jon will work to coordinate ordering the kits, scheduling a time to brew them and getting the registration form to HRHB members as well as ND Brewers.

Discussed the ND Brewers campout.  At last years campout, the consensus was for the HRHB to organize a location and date in western ND.  Jon and Ryan will work on determining a location and date for the event.

Jon Stika