Present: Rocky Stoltz, Jerry Ford, Alan Church, Ryan Jilek and Jon Stika.

Beer of the Month from Town & Country Liquors was Shiner Bohemian Black Lager.  This beer was a very clean, dry, malty, dark example of the Schwarzbier style of European lagers.  The beer was well balanced to the malt side with supporting noble hops bitterness with a soft toasted malt finish.

Jerry brought some Long Strange Tripel which was very spicy, fruity and dry… an excellent example of the triple style.  Alan brought some Berliner Weisse and some mead.  The Berliner Weisse was served with raspberry syrup and was nice and clean and sour.  Ryan brought some Hefe Weizen with good banana esters.  Jon brought some Tyskie Polish Pilsner.

The group discussed locating and harvesting wild hops found growing along the Heart River in Dickinson.  A canoe excursion will be planned soon to pick some of the hops.

The group concluded the meeting at a brewing session conducted by the K of C group led by Paul Ellerkamp and Michael Kreitinger.  The group was brewing beers for the K of C event scheduled for October 6th at the Badlands Activity Center.

Jon Stika