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Present at the December 27, 2007 meeting held at Custom Data were Ryan Jilek and Jon Stika.

Ryan and Jon sampled “Hop Ottin’ IPA from Anderson Valley Brewing Co. of Booneville, CA, “Firebrick” Vienna style lager from August Schell Brewing of New Ulm, MN, and Spaten German Lager from the Spaten brewery of Munich, Germany. The Hop Ottin’ IPA was indeed very hoppy and well made. The Firebrick was a good Vienna style lager slightly Americanized with a little more hoppiness than the traditional Vienna. Spaten lager was, as always, an awesome German lager.

Other topics discussed were oxygenation of wort starters, fermentation and lagering methods and temperatures, brewery design, and the need to elect officers (President and Members at Large) at the January 2008 meeting.

Please plan to attend the January meeting to vote for the elected positions coming due and/or to defend yourself from becoming elected to a position.

Ryan suggested that we consider holding the next meeting at the new location of JD’s BBQ in Dickinson to sample the variety of beers he now has on tap (including Hoegaarden and Guinness). Ryan will investigate this further and offer a suggestion to the club before the next meeting. The next meeting of the Heart River Homebrewers is scheduled for January 24, 2008.

The next meeting of the Heart River Homebrewers will be at 7:00 PM on February 16, 2006 at Custom Data 677 10th Street East. We’ll discuss club officers and by-laws as well as brewing… Hope to see you there!

Draft (no pun intended) Minutes of January 13, 2006 meeting of the Heart River Home Brewers

The first meeting of the HRHBs was held at Stika’s at 7:30PM on January 13, 2006. Present were Steve Rock, Austin Lang, Jeremy Jahner, Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, James Samuels, and Jon Stika. Members present were asked to complete a brief information sheet about themselves and their interests in brewing and goals/activities of the club. Discussion centered around the information on the sheet and a consensus was reached that the club should meet once a month on the third Thursday evening on or after 7:00 PM.

General discussion about brewing took place and Rocky shared a bottle of Porter with the group. Jon provided Berliner Weisse, Oatmeal Stout, and Sweet Mead that he had on tap. Jon showed the group most of his brewing equipment in his basement and the batch of Old Peculiar he brewed that day.

A summary of the completed information sheets showed the following goals/activities for the club to be (in order of most votes): Just have fun, Help each other become better brewers/vintners, Develop and share recipes, Annual picnic/cookout, Collectively purchase ingredients, Trade ingredients and/or equipment, Brew together, to learn to brew or do shared batches, Culture and share yeast strains.

The next meeting of the HRHBs is scheduled for February 16, 2006 at 7:00PM, location to be determined.

Jon Stika

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