April 2017

Present: Jerry Ford, Ryan Jilek, Greg Walter, Ellery Dykeman, Casey Ritz, Scott Hanson, Ryan Buetow, Joe Natwick, Joel Emter, Curtis Blaik, Derek Fox, and Jon Stika.

Discussed “A Chocolate Affair Plus” fundraiser scheduled for May 13th.  Jon asked for volunteers to assist with serving beer at the event.  Jon will follow-up with volunteers to confirm those that will participate in the event.  Jon reported that the Wee Heavy beer is out of the club barrel and has been distributed to those involved.  Casey and Ryan Jilek expressed interest in continuing to use the club barrel to age a sour beer.

Jon Stika

Rocky, Greg, and Jon transferred the Scotch Strong Ale (Wee Heavy) out of the barrel and into buckets, carboys, and kegs on April 19, 2017.