September 2016

Present: Jerry Ford, Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz, Steve Klicker, Ellery Dykeman, Shane Schmidt, Greg Walter, Joel Emter, Joe Natwick and Jon Stika.

Ryan reported that the estimated cost of a club banner approximately 3’x6′ would be $65 – $100.  Discussed what should be included on the banner, size, specifications, and if it should be purchased locally or online.  Motion by Stoltz, seconded by Natwick to purchase banner locally, motion passed.  Ryan will produce a draft image of the banner for review and comment by members.

Discussed a group purchase of malt from Two-Track Malting in Lincoln, ND.  Two-Track has Pale Two-Row, Pils, and Munich malt available.  A purchase of less than 50lbs is $1.50/lb, less than 10 – 50lb bags are $1.00/lb, and 10 or more 50 lb bags (500lbs) are $0.75/lb.  Jon will send out an inquiry to all members to see about putting together a 500 lb. order.

Jon Stika


Ryan, Rocky, Greg, and Jon pumped Double IPA out of the club barrel and replaced it with Wee Heavy on September 19, 2016.