Present: Rocky Stoltz, Ellery Dykema, Alan Church, Nate Shilman, Derrick Fox, Glen Bruhschwein, Joel Emter and Jon Stika.

Discussed current barrel beer (Imperial Stout).  Jon and Rocky will pump the beer out of the barrel and into each brewers vessel on Saturday, November 28th.  The barrel will be cleaned and moved to Rocky’s where the next beer (Double IPA) will be aged.  Rocky, Ellery, Glen, Nate, Derrick, Joel and Jon have committed to brewing DIPA to go in the barrel.  Jon distributed hops for brewing DIPA to Ellery, Glen, Derrick and Nate.  Jon reported on Hoppy Halloween judging.  Jon had an article on spicing beers published in the December 2015 issue of Brew Your Own.  Discussed hop bursting (adding hops after wort cools <180F) and wort aeration.  Discussed Bacon and Beer events being held in various locations in ND.  No one had specific information on the event in Dickinson.

Jon Stika