Present: Jerry Ford, Casey Ritz, Shannon Bertelsen, Joel Emter, Nate Shilman, Alan Church, Glen Bruhschwein, Ellery Dykema, Ryan Jilek, Trevor Dykema and Jon Stika.

Discussed barrel beer.  Jerry brought a batch of Imperial Stout to be used to top up the barrel to keep it full as it ages and is sampled.  Discussed Alive@5.  No decision was made on whether to participate in Alive@5 next year.  Jon reported on a new craft malt business proposed in Bismarck.  Jon recently picked 47 ounces of hops at the Dickinson Research and Extension Center.  The hops will be distributed to members who wish to brew the next barrel beer; an Imperial IPA.  Jon will develop a base recipe for the Imperial IPA.  Three extract beer kits purchased by the club were distributed for brewing and sharing at future meetings.  Ellery took the Chinook IPA kit, Glen took the Phat Tyre Ale kit and Jon took the Petite Saison kit.  Casey brought a homemade couterflow wort chiller to show the group.  Discussed differences between 2-row and 6-row pale malt.

Jon Stika