Present: Ryan Jilek, Jerry Ford, Joel Empter, Rocky Stoltz, Michael Kreitinger, Glen Bruhschwein, Steve Klicker and Jon Stika.

Discussed upcoming brew session at Hawk’s Point to brew three kit beers for Hawk’s Point to serve at Blues and Brews on June 7th.  Ryan has the kits.  Members will bring brew kettles, wort chillers and other gear and meet at Hawk’s Point at 6PM and begin brewing at 7PM.  Ryan reported that Custom Design in Dickinson has the club logo digitized and should be ready to embroider the design on shirts for members who wish to do so.  The ND Brewers Campout is set for June 20-22 at Wolf Creek on Lake Sacagawea.  The Knights of Columbus “A Knight’s Brew” is scheduled for September 20th.

Jon Stika