Present: Jerry Ford, Rocky Stoltz, Ryan Jilek, Glen Bruhschwein, Joel Empter and Jon Stika.

Discussed embroidered “Heart River Home Brewers” shirts.  Jon will send a message out to members to get a count on shirts desired then an order will be consolidated.  It was decided that the club will supply shirts to be delivered to the embroiderer in Bismarck.

Jon will send out a poll to determine dates to remove Brown Ale from barrel 1.  Motion by Jilek, seconded by Bruhschwein that the club would purchase the necessary chemicals to clean and sanitize the club barrels before the next beers are placed in them.  Motion passed.  Jilek will determine necessary chemicals and quantities and notify Bruhschwein, so the chemicals can be picked up in Minneapolis in the next couple weeks.  Old Ale will be placed in barrel 1 after the Brown ale is removed and the barrel sanitized.  It is anticipated that the Old Ale will be placed in Barrel 1 in late December.

Stika reported that he is scheduled to judge at the Hoppy Halloween homebrew competition in Fargo October 25 & 26.  Jilek is scheduled to steward at same competition October 26.

Jon Stika