September 2012

Present: Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz, Jerry Ford, Michael Kreitinger, Dale Sattler and Jon Stika.

Discussed Alan Church harvesting wild yeast.  It was reported that he has had some success.  Discussed Knight’s Brew event and competition results, hard cider production, Oktoberfest in Bismarck and Hoppy Halloween in Fargo.  Rocky provided a Treasurer’s report showing a balance of $619.65.  Rocky brought American Ale, Mike brought hard cider, Dale brought rhubarb/apricot wine, Ryan brought Serrano chili pepper lager & Grand Cru.

Jon Stika

The Heart River Home Brewers held their annual potluck on September 8th at the Stika’s.  In conjunction with the potluck, the first ever Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) sanctioned club only homebrew competition was held.

Ryan Jilek took Best of Show for his English Barleywine.  Congratulations to Ryan on winning the competition and receiving a certificate for a free entry into the National Competition!

The results of the competition were as follows:

2012 Heart River Home Brewers Members Only Competition Results
Score Brewer Style Scoring Guide
40 Jilek Semi-Sweet Mead Excellent
40 Jilek English Barleywine Excellent
39 Stika German Pilsner Excellent
37 Ford Saison Very Good
36 Stika Witbier Very Good
35 Stoltz American Pale Ale Very Good
31 Ford American Stout Very Good